• Red Chrome Car Wrap Vinyl Film
  • Red Chrome Car Wrap Vinyl Film
  • Red Chrome Car Wrap Vinyl Film

Red Chrome Car Wrap Vinyl Film

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  • Size: 5 X 65FT
  • Model Number: G15220A040KM327
  • Color: Red Chrome
  • Performance Level: Premium
  • Material: High flexible polymeric PVC film
  • Film Produce Technology: Calendered
  • Film Thickness (With Glue): 120 micron, 4.8mil
  • Release Paper: 140g/m2, Silicone coated with air channels
  • Adhesive Features: Air-Release, permanent, removable
  • Heat Temperature: More than +120°c
  • Application Method: Dry
  • Air Bubble Free: Yes
  • Removability: Removable with heat
  • Durability: Outdoor 3 years, indoor 5-7 years
  • Application Surface: Compound Curves, concave surfaces, corrugations, flat, simple curves
  • Features: Stretchable, removable, UV proof, weather proof, water proof, resistant to solvents, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, stick anywhere you want.
  • Note: Red Chrome Car Wrap Vinyl Film can be used on different surface,you must clean the surface with soap and detergent before wrapping Red Chrome Vinyl Film for Cars.The detergent does not include ammonia, which will dissolve the glue of Red Chrome Car Vinyl.  You have to heat the surface of Car Vinyl when wrapping curve part and sharp-angled part.

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